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Where in the World is Sarah Elizabeth

I’ve been quite busy bouncing around from state to state teaching these awesome art events, I’ve been forgetting to update the old blog! Well, just after I quit my day job at the end of January, I jetted off to Baton Rouge / New Orleans for a private party and of course, had a blast painting mason jars! Then shortly after I got home from that trip, I headed down for some sun in Southern California and hosted a ‘Paint and Drink’ there with custom hats.

I’ve been crunching numbers and realized that since October 2017, I’ve done over 35 events (some private and some public) in 6 different states, all myself with no employees (with the exception of the set up help from a few good friends). That’s insane!! I can’t believe how lucky I am to bring people together with art like this. I am beyond grateful for these opportunities - thank you guys!

Looks like a busy summer coming up, July and August are completely booked and I’m booking September and October now. I’m very much looking forward to continuing this year strong and looking forward to a few new exciting projects and goals for 2019!!

I’m sure you’ll see me around, slowly but surely doing my part in reconnecting humanity: using my artistic talent to engage with the community, building one another up through public art events.

For me, that’s where the true wealth lies.



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