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Live Painting

Live performance painting is Sarah's specialty. If you ask her specifically what kind, she'd absolutely say: "Painting Music". That's right, Sarah is gifted with the ability to 'see music' in the series of moving images, kind of like a movie or a music video; so she takes those images and brings them to life on a canvas, live, usually on stage alongside musicians. Sarah can often times also be found in the mountains or some other breathtaking nature getaway, artistically interpreting the scenes before her. Other than that, she paints sceneries for weddings or engagements in spectacular PNW locations. If you're interested in hiring or booking Sarah for an event, please drop a message here for more info and pricing. Enjoy!


Special Events


Commissions & Nature Art


You may or may not have heard of a live painter being at a wedding but believe it or not, it's actually increasingly common! Sarah enjoys using her ability of artistic interpretation in creating a special one of a kind piece for the happy couple's big day. For pricing and availability please contact us here

Music/Public Events

This is Sarah's favorite form of live 'performance' painting! She can on stage with musicians during their set, live at private or public events, or collaboratively with other artists! There is a wide range of availability for this type of show so please send us a message here if you're interested in hiring Sarah for an event. 

Painting Retreats

Live painting in nature (sometimes interpretively) is incredibly freeing and very therapeutic. We're currently working on making single and multi-day painting retreats available for those interested in tapping into their inner artist (or even just to experience something new in the outdoors). Stay tuned for more.

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